Monday, December 01, 2008

I am still stuffed!

I ate that much turkey and everything that goes with it. LOL I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We missed DH's parents, who usually spent this holiday at our house (even when we had to drive up to NY to get them). It was a little lonely because they were not there to offer help/advice/guidance in everything from gravy making to the latest project around the house, but they were there in our hearts.

My mother went to her youngest son's house and spent the day with her "boys". The youngest is now 45. We still refer to them (Mom and I) as "the boys". LOL. Some things just never change.

Bob and I enjoyed some beautiful weather and put up a few of the out door Christmas decorations. Robert and Bob cooked a wonderful holiday dinner, and Brian joined us. I think that is the first meal we've had together since last year!

Football was watched (that was a waste of time!), dishes were washed and plans were made for the morning. Then I sat and knitted until midnight. ; ))

On Friday I made a liar of myself. I shopped. I just couldn't ignore the money saving opportunities. I did not go out at those dawn hours, though. I left the house at 10 AM and shopped for about 4 hours, then went home. I did get some good deals, and I refused to allow myself to get upset over traffic or lines or whatever. I had decided that I would try to shop and if it got too bad, I would go home. It really wasn't as bad as I thought, at least not at that hour. I am very glad that I don't live on Long Island, though. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. No electronic doodad, toy, phone or whatever is worth someone dying.

On Saturday we went together (DH and I) to another mall to try to finish up the big items on the list. We didn't have much luck and we spent too much of the day trying. : ( I got in some spindle spinning and wheel spinning on Saturday, in addition to a little knitting, but in the evening I succumbed to a bad headache and went to bed.

Sunday I had some residual headache and did not feel well in the morning. I actually went back to bed, which is very rare for me. Later I was able to do some knitting. I finished the I cord edging around my vest. I didn't put it around the arms - I like it the way it is now, and I can always add it if I feel that the vest looks unfinished. I have to block it, then I can wear it. I finished the leaf lace scarf, ends woven in and all. It needs to be blocked, though. Hopefully I can get some pictures over the next couple of days to show you what I've completed.

I cast on !!!! for a lace scarf with the shades of teal yarn I purchased at Stitches. First I cast on for the lace ribbon scarf I knitted on that for a while, and I liked it, but still I wondered? Is this the best pattern for this yarn? Is this the best yarn for this pattern? I have some beautiful silky denim blue yarn in my stash that might be better for this pattern ... I decided to rip it out (if I do decide to knit that scarf, I will make it with fewer repeats across) and I am now working on the edging for the scarf with french trellis border in Victorian Lace Today. This is not my work in this link, but it's beautiful, isn't it? I plan to weigh the yarn used for the border and knit the scarf pattern until I the remaining yarn is close to the amount I need for the final border, and stop there, hopefully leaving the critical amount of yarn for that second border, but not too much more. (I do not have the 450 yds specified in the pattern.) That is if I decide that the yarn works in this pattern. There are color changes in my yarn and they might obscure the stitch pattern. In that case I will go back to the lace ribbon pattern. Oh, and I finished the fingerless mitts for DH and he wore them to go fishing on Friday.

I picked up the stitches for the second sleeve on DH's sweater. Finally. I am on short row duty for the sleeve cap. I got a lot of ends woven in, too. Brian's alpaca vest is getting longer every day ..... that yarn is so yummy to knit with. Sunday night came way too soon.

Today it was back to work. It's my late day, so dinner is on the run. I ususally walk after work, but Karen is still on her way home from visiting, so there will be no walking tonight. One more day of reprieve and then we will be back to our regular walking/torture. LOL.

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Angela said...

Hey Linda,

Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family! Plus you got some great knitting and spinning done. What could be better on a holiday than family and knitting time!

Can't wait to see how your scarf starts turning out. I love the victorian lace book!