Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Have I told you how much I love to knit?

My day does not feel complete until I have sat down each day and knitted. I have different knitting needs for each day, sometimes even for different times of day, but I have to knit. When I have been ill, knitting is the first thing I resume as I begin to feel better. When I am stressed, I knit. When I feel good, I knit. When I want to relax and enjoy myself, I knit (and have a glass of wine or some chocolate).

One of the reasons (I have several) for having multiple projects on the needles at once is that I have different needs at different times. I can absorb myself in a lace pattern, completely blocking out the world. I can keep my hands busy but still converse or watch TV with a simple project. If I am conversing with knitters, I have a little more leeway - I can work on a somewhat complicated pattern because I know that every one will understand if I drop out of the conversation for a few minutes to count, or cross cables or some other tricky maneuver. I have a travel project to go with me every place I go, making waiting almost pleasant. Then there are the knit in the dark projects (must be stockinette or garter stitch or ribbing on at least sport weight yarn so I can feel it in the dark) and the knit on the boat projects (which I have discovered the hard way need to be worsted weight yarn if at all possible with a simple pattern). This type of simple project is very useful when I am too tired to think. I can just knit away, daydreaming or not thinking at all.
I can read (or listen to audio books) while knitting. With all of those different situations, it's no wonder that I usually have 6-8 projects going at once. I think one of the reasons that I have not had pain from knitting is that I change needle sizes and fibers fairly often, so that's a bonus.

I admit to being an impulsive person, so another reason for multiple projects is that I just get an idea, see a photo or something and have to start whatever that is right away. I am better at some times than others at controlling myself. I just love knitting and as long as I don't stop going to work, the house doesn't fall down around our ears and we have clean clothes to wear in a reasonably clean house, I seee no need to curb that impulse. My husband doesn't even try to stop me. He's actually quite proud of my knitting and supports me. He's been known to brag a little, too. I don't think my mother understands me. I thought that was supposed to end when I got out of my teenage years ....

Last night I worked on Brian's vest

and my lace scarf.

I have completed one full pattern repeat and I think it will look good. My hands are itching to get back to it ...

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