Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunshine and fishing in December

I had a wonderful weekend. There was lots of knitting, spending time with DH and sunshine - lots of sunshine, at least on some days.

DH, as you might have gathered from other posts, is a fisherman. He fishes like I knit. That puts it into perspective. Every time I find myself thinking that he's crazy, I think of my knitting and how he doesn't even flinch when he sees how many knitting bags I pack to go away, or that I pack my knitting before my clothes. On Christmas Day, while preparing the holiday roast (how can you not love a man who cooks for you?) he was bemoaning the fact that it was supposed to be warm - in the 50's or possibly 60's on Friday and Saturday but he wasn't going fishing. We discussed the ins and outs of that situation for a while and came up with a plan. I am not crazy enough to be willing to be on the water all day in December but I am willing to drive for a few hours so he can do that. We agreed that I would get up (on my day off) at 5:15 AM on Saturday and drive him (he can still drive but not in the dark) to southern Maryland so he could spend the day freezing, trying to catch an elusive striped predator, better known as a striped bass. I did my research and found a yarn store in the near vicinity, printed up directions, packed my knitting and reading for the day and was ready to go.

I had a wonderful day. I dropped off son and husband at the launch ramp with the boat and went off in search of a yarn store. I found my way to Crazy for Ewe.

Ellen, the owner, was very gracious, and we had a nice conversation while I browsed. And yes, I did make a purchase. I always purchase something when I visit a new store. I passed a delightful hour and a half browsing in the store and then knitting on a bench on the square in town, basking in the sun. I left when I began to feel chilly sitting still (the shade had reached me) and headed back to Point Lookout State Park.

I stopped to enjoy the Prisoners of War Monument

There are many beautiful flags flying from those flag poles but the wind would not cooperate with my photographic efforts.

This is the Point Lookout Lighthouse.

I played with my camera.

I knitted on my Lace Ribbon Scarf and I started my Honka scarf - double knitting !! I have never successfully done any double knitting, but I persevered and this worked! I am using one skein of cascade 220 in black and two balls of Noro silk garden. I haven't knitted very far so I can't really tell how the color changes will look with this colorway, but I will be entertained as I wait. It definitely requires concentration so this will not be knit with anyone around me.

I met the guys as they came back to the dock with - yes, a striped bass! 39.5 inches (I don't want to you to think that size matters at all. LOL) We took pictures,

unloaded the boat,pulled it out of the water and off we went. We were tired by the time we got home (actually, I was tired - each of the guys had plenty of time for napping since I drove) but it was a great day and I didn't mind at all.

Sunday was a sleep in day, followed by some cleaning up of leftover Christmas stuff and some laundry, then football! The last of the regular season. There were some excellent games to watch, the best being (IMHO) the Ravens game. GO RAVENS!!!! Off to the playoffs!

Today is Monday and back to work. It was so hard to leave the house this morning, but I had an appointment, so I had to come in. Two days (possibly 2.5) and I will be off for a long weekend again. I plan to savor it. Enjoy, and have a safe New Year

ETA I wrote this post on Monday but it took me until Wednesday evening to get the photos uploaded. I worked from home today for a few hours. We kept having computer connectivity problems due to the high winds. After my info was lost once and the lights kept flickering, I decided to wait until another day to get that work done.

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Karen Frisa said...

OMG -- I didn't know that they got a bass!!! It's HUGE!! Congratulations!!