Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunny Saturday but no boating

It was a good day but not the day I expected. I met Karen at 9 and we walked from her house to the Farmer's Market in Bel Air at the courthouse. We browsed and made a few purchases. I brought home some strawberries, red leaf lettuce, tomato and rosemary bread.  Next time I might try some of the cheeses. As the season progresses there will be more locally grown fruits and vegetables available. I am making an effort to buy local.

We then walked our 4.5 miles. This particular walk might just have crippled me, though. We had walked a little slower than usual on the first half of the trail so we picked up the pace a little on the way back to try to make up the difference. We usually walk the 4.5 miles in 1 hour and about 5 minutes.  More than halfway back I mentioned that I kept expecting to catch up with the person ahead of us pushing a stroller. Competitive Karen immediately said "Oh, good. A goal" and off we went. We did our best, really pushed, and though it took a while, we were actually getting close.   When we were about 10-15 feet behind her and getting ready to pass, she took off at a run up the rest of the hill.  I was sooo bummed.  At some point I noticed that the T-shirt she had on said officer candidate training or something like that. I can't believe we were trying to out-walk a service person in training! 

We were supposed to go on the boat after I finished my walking. When I got home Bob and I talked about the advisability of boating with the latest forecast - winds 10-20 with gusts up to 30 and waves forecast at 2-3 feet. We opted to stay home. Bob went to get the boat from the marina and bring it home for some work. I decided to plant my veggies, do laundry and things like that. My legs hurt so much from the walking that I didn't care that I was sitting in the middle of the very damp (we had rain last night) mulch digging holes for the plants. I then rearranging the soaker hose and buried it.  Finally the garden is ready. I think this will be a good garden year.

Bob got home with the boat and it is now in the driveway awaiting new bottom paint and other fix ups for the season. The clothes were washed and dried on the line outside. Almost all of my plants are in the ground or in pots. Here's a picture of the carnations I planted in the front bed.

I purchased a fern and some geraniums at the Flower show in March and managed to keep them alive all this time (I don't do well with indoor plants) and I was able to plant those in the pot on the deck that I had planned for them.

Last but never least is my knitting progress. I finally got some photos of the swirl shawl beginning that are color accurate.

Here is my Cables and O's as of now. I am just getting ready to bind off the center back neck stitches. I have completed the ribbing for both sleeves and as soon as the back is finished I will start the patterned portion of both sleeves.

It's time to settle down for some drop spindle spinning and finishing up the back of my sweater. And resting my aching legs. I hope I can move in the morning - we are supposed to meet to walk again. I will not race anybody tomorrow, no matter the provocation. LOL.

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