Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Friday!

The weather isn't good but having the weekend starting right now is good enough for me. We had hoped to get out on the boat tomorrow but the winds may keep us home. We'll see in the morning.

I did cast on for the Swirl Shawl last night but got only 6 rows in and frogged it. I read the helpful hints that were posted about it here and since I did, indeed use the long tail cast on, I ripped it and will start with the knitted cast on tonight.

I plan to spin on my wheel tonight and cast on that shawl, then finish up with a few more rows of ribbing for the sleeves of Cables and O's. Tomorrow will be a working day. Karen and I plan to meet at 9 to go to the Farmer's Market in town, then do our 4.5 mile walk. then I will head home and it the weather does get in he way of boating, i will be doing laundry and priming the walls in the entry hall. If we do go boating, we will have some running around to do to get stuff ready to go. That, of course, is well worth the trouble. ; ))

Maybe by Sunday I will have one hexagon knitted. I also hope to get my completed shawl blocked. I don't know how cooperative my son's cats will be with leaving that alone. This could be an interesting project.

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Karen Frisa said...

Too bad I didn't read the helpful hints before you asked me for cast on advice. :( I wouldn't have considered the knitted cast on (I don't think it looks very nice), but cable cast on would have the same advantage and be (in my opinion) more attractive. Not that you're going to rip the ones you've already completed. I'm sure the shawl will be great, and with the knitted cast on the edge will have a lot of give for blocking.