Saturday, May 31, 2008

Animal Antics

This fella (or lady - I can't tell the boys from the girls when it comes to American Robins) is one of the proud parents of a nest of blue eggs. Actually, that was true when this photo was taken. It is now the parent of 3 little baby birds who live in a nest just under the top level of our deck.

Yesterday I heard a great commotion in the yard and looked up to see two birds dipping and swooping, one chasing the other. The one being chased was this Blue Jay.

Apparently he got too close to the nest and was being driven away. He did stay away but had to prove that he was no chicken (no pun intended) by sitting on the nearby fence for a few extra minutes before flying away.  

Since Eldest son has moved back in with us, we have had to adjust to having cats in the house again. One of his cats loves to get outdoors. We fight a battle over the screen door all the time since we sit out on the deck a lot and he'd love to join us. This particular time he was let out on purpose for some play time. He looks ferocious, doesn't he? LOL.

I have noticed that my vegetable plants are disappearing. I suspected the culprit but yesterday evening I got proof.

I was trying to avoid a fence and was willing to share the garden bounty but I won't get any garden bounty if they don't leave the baby plants alone long enough to grow!

Knitting on Cables and Os sleeves is moving along. I have about 8 of the necessary 12.5 inches knitted. One more hexagon for the swirl shawl is complete. I have been spinning a lot - both wheel and drop spindle and that has been so enjoyable. Maybe later today I can get some photos of what I have been doing.

I purchased 2 Sivia Harding patterns this morning and I can't wait to find just the right yarn to use for each of these shawls. I bought the Hanging Garden Shawl and Waves in the Square Shawl.
I love Sivia Harding patterns and really enjoyed making the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I am planning a dyeing day at my house in a few weeks and may use that opportunity to dye some beautiful lace weight alpaca (gifted to me by Karen) just for this purpose. I can't wait to use the un-dyed yarn (I have 2 sock yarns and the lace weight alpaca) to play with color. I have some wool lace weight left from last year to play with and I plan to dye some fiber again, too.

And just because they are pretty, I will leave you with these final images. Have a great weekend.

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