Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am in the finishing groove

I finished the Diamond Fantasy Shawl over the weekend. I finished the test knitting sock called Tilt last night. I loved it, BTW, and this is the site you will be able to get the pattern from: Fiber Dreams

Tonight is knitting night at my LYS and I am looking forward to making some progress on the sleeves for Cables and O’s. I set it aside so I could do my test knitting in a timely manner and now I am going to jump back on that project. I would love to be able to wear it at work in June or July to ward off the A/C that sometimes works overtime in my office area.

I recently saw a finished Swirl Shawl (I purchased the pattern and yarn at MD Sheep and Wool) on this blog and it made me very anxious to cast on. I was trying to be good and complete my sweater first, but I was informed by an enabling friend that since I had finished one shawl that I should – needed – to cast on for another right away. Shawls, you see, are in a totally different category from sweaters and socks and other things and it is, therefore OK to not finished the sweater before casting on for the shawl. I choose my friends wisely, don’t I? I may cast on tonight. Giggle.

I planted my carnation plants last night, and they look just right in the spot I chose for them. Just above where they are now living is a bird house full of little baby birds. At least I assume that’s what all that tiny little peeping and chirping is when I get close. There are several voices but I can’t tell how many and I won’t get close enough to find out for fear of scaring them away.

The vegetable garden has been prepared and after a layer of mulch to cut down on the weeding (hopefully today or tomorrow) I will be able to plant the veggie plants I brought home on Sunday. I should have started seeds earlier and I didn’t, so I ended up buying plants to go directly into the ground. Seeds or plants, I will still get to pick fresh veggies from my garden in a couple of months. : )

We'll finish up with a few more Arboretum photos:

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Karen Frisa said...

I like it that you say you choose your friends wisely! :)