Monday, May 19, 2008

Productivity is the name of the game

First of all, it is time for a disclaimer. I was not forced or coerced into "racing" that person with the stroller on the trail - I wanted to catch her almost as much as Karen did. giggle. I have learned my lesson, though. Groan.

I was very productive yesterday and hope to continue to do that throughout the week. We did our walk, though a bit slower to allow my old muscles to recover a little bit. I then filled my gas tank. That's a terrible experience these days. In addition to the smell, which gives me a headache, there's the price. I try not to look at the amount on the pump since I have to buy gas anyway. Denial, I know. I then shopped for and found curtain rods that will mount far enough from the wall to let the bedroom curtains hang past the blinds on the window. I went to Target and bought all of the sundries that we have been needing that I have been putting off shopping for(because I have been doing garden and house and knitting things. Also, I am an impulse shopper, so the fewer times I go into a store like Target, the healthier the bank account is.). I brought all that stuff home and up the stairs (felt like a million stairs after Saturday's exertions) into the house and went *back out* to get groceries. (I really dislike spending my weekend being out and about. I am a home body) I bought lots of good stuff and not too much bad stuff (except for the 12! 12-packs of DDP, which were on sale) and brought that home. (Yup, up the stairs again) I cleaned out the fridge and put the new food away, helped DH make dinner - fish, pasta and cut up veggies - and cleaned up the kitchen, including washing the floor. I was impressed with myself. LOL. By that time it was about 8 PM and I was running out of energy.

I had managed to finish the back of Cables and Os and so I attempted to join at the shoulder. First I tried a 3 needle bind off. I didn't like the way it looked, (No, I didn't think to take a picture, sorry) in addition to the fact that I somehow got one stitch off so the cables and rows of twisted knit stitches didn't line up. Rip.
I next tried Kitchener. I think it looks OK but I wonder whether it could look better. I did not do the other shoulder because I want to look at it tonight and re-evaluate. I hope to remember to take a picture tonight. I did some work on the sleeves once I had the back of the sweater off the needle that I needed. I discovered that I cannot count to 80 accurately, though at least I am consistent. I had 81 stitches instead of the required 80 on both sleeves. I did the set up rows and the first increase row. I am knitting both sleeves at once on one needle so the rows take a while, but this is the last major section to be completed so I am excited about finishing.

I have 3 hexagons for the Swirl Shawl complete. I would like to get one or two done per day. If I get myself organized I might be able to do that.

Productivity: I have a mental plan for the week to get things done. I have goals. When I get to the end of the week and DH has the weekend off, I want to be able to do fun things on said weekend off with DH. He doesn't get many full weekends off at Home Depot. It's not an auspicious beginning to the week, though. My first goal (for work today) is shot to H***. I was paged on the way in to work and spent a good 3 hours on informing a family about a research device, getting consent, being in the operating room waiting, and then the patient didn't need the device. Don't get me wrong - that is great for him and I am happy. That is actually my favortie part of the job. I just wish it hadn't taken so long. It's hard for me to get into paperwork that I know will be time consuming and tedious when I have not been able to get into it from the start of my day. But I will adjust my goals and do my best to be productive for the remainder of the day.

Lunch time is over. It's back to work time for me - on to the dreaded paperwork. Have a great day.

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