Thursday, February 21, 2008

there was a lunar eclipse last night

I actually saw it! It seems like they are usually taking place at 3 AM or some other ungodly hour but this one started at about 9 PM. How impressive is it to see the full moon slowly disappearing from view? Actually, it didn't disappear; it was clearly shadowed but still visible. The shadowed part looked sort of amber in color. Very impressive.

You can see (despite the blurred photo) that the moon was being shadowed in this photo. At this point I was hand holding the camera instead of using the mini tripod - hence the blurriness. Sorry. But this was one of the few shots that showed the amber color.

I went to my LYS tonight for knit night and was totally tempted into making a purchase.

This Silk Garden Lite will become Tie One on
Someone had made one of these and when the owner modeled it in the store I just coudn't resist. It looked great! I can't wait to finish mine. I actually liked the one in my LYS more than the versions shown on

Just because I like them, I will share a couple more photos from our Jones Beach trip last weekend.

Have a good Friday, and if you live in the East, be careful in the "wonderful" weather predicted.

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