Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Christmas in February

We spent a few hours at the beach this past weekend. We were so bundled up, you couldn't see much skin, but we were there.

The waves were awesome. Everything somehow gets into prospective when you see the ocean. We (each of us) are but a small part of the world but we can each play such an important part in keeping the world the way it is or letting it deteriorate.

We noticed that there were a lot of seagulls on the beach and in the water near shore. Many more than usually seen. When we got closer we could see that the birds were eating clams that had washed up on the beach.

I don't know whether there was a kill of clams for some reason or if there was a storm that washed them up (seems unlikely since they are buried in the sand). We asked a few people but no one seemed to know.

We had a grat dinner that night and then opened our stocking stuffers (we had decided against big gifts this year). We had great fun with that! My mother really got in to the stocking suffer spirit this year and got some great things, especially for DH. The next day we did stuff around the house and then went out for a wonderful dinner at a steak place nearby. Conversation flowed easily and the evening was a success.

We had to leave Monday to head back to MD, so our visit was short but it was very good to see my mother again. She will be 75 this year and I don't want to take having her around for granted.

This was on the wall of the lifeguard building at the beach. We stared at it (not for the first time) for quite a while, trying to decide what it is. Anybody want to hazard a guess? Keep in mind that I don't have the answer. I am looking for one.

On the radio on the way home from work today I heard that there is a group of people who are trying to change the law so that they can buy unpasteurized milk. The radio person said this groups claims that the taste is changed with the process (I have no doubt) and that they feel like they "should have the right buy milk directly from the cow if they want to and she allows it!" I laughed for a good long time at that one.


Molly said...

My guess is a copper octopus that has turned green.

Sounds like a good time!

Amie said...

A copper cut-out of an octopus wearing a jaunty bandanna.

Or a dog toy (that was actually Oscar's vote, not mine)

Karen Frisa said...

I have to agree about the octopus, but I think the "bandanna" is his last two legs that are trailing behind him.

Hope you get a few walks in before Monday!