Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's hump day

It is Wednesday and I made it to work today despite the weather. We didn't have 2 feet of snow or anything drastic (and fun) like that, just ice and freezing rain that created a solid coating over everything. I literally slid at about a 40 degree angle down the driveway this morning at 6 AM. Not fun, especially with the car parked on the street directly across from the driveway! But I lucked out and so did the neighbor). LOL.

The gift scarf was completed last night. I hope to have blocking photos soon - maybe later today. I also finished the knitting part of the alpaca sock. I just have to do the bind off tonight (I hope) and they will be wearable. With the weather we've had the last few days I can use nice warm cuddle up on the couch socks. I do love to finish knitted projects.

This weekend we are going to visit my mother who lives on Long Island. It will be our Christmas visit if you can believe that. Between illness and schedules we just haven't been able to get up there, and she couldn't come down to see us for the same reasons. It should be a nice relaxing weekend of visiting, eating, knitting and some walking. I hope the weather cooperates and we can get to the beach for a little while. No, not sun or water bathing. Just to look at and “feel” the power of the ocean and the world that is so much bigger than us. It’s a great reminder. I have not yet planned and packed my knitting projects for the trip. That is a high priority for tonight.

The omens and signs continued yesterday.
I did not mis-read any more progress notes. Good.
I did leave work before the ice and accidents started. Very good.
I did have some ice near the end of my trip but I got home safely and in a reasonable amount of time (compared to my co-worker, who takes a commuter bus home and didn't arrive until after 8PM last night. Usual time is 5:30) good.
I tried to do some laundry. The washer broke. Bad.
The washer tub was full of water and clothes. Heavy clothes, when it broke. Bad for DH.

He was able to do a temporary fix today so we will have clean, dry clothes this week.
Very good.

Over all, not bad for a day that started very questionably. Stay safe, all.

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