Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to work tomorrow

For a half day, at least.

On a more important topic - I finished the body of the Tie One On wrap and knitted one tie.

I hope that it blocks flat. It is knitted across the long way and has 4 rows of ribbing at the start and finish (top and bottom edge). Right now the ribbing seems to want to fold up over the stockinette that follows. The sample I saw in the store didn't do that, so I will have faith that the folding will stop once it is blocked.

The weather was gross today, but the weather peple did get that one right. We'll see if they get the snow showers tomorrow right. I will be working a half day and then coming home and attempting a walk with Karen. Don't know how far or how fast I'll go, but I will try. Eldest son came over today to return my car (which he had borrowed so he could look for a car of his own to replace the one that was totaled by the insurance company after his run in with the guard rail). He did grocery shopping for me, which was a big help. He stayed for dinner, which he hasn't done in a while and was very nice.

I am off to knit the other tie on my wrap and watch more home improvement shows (I think I have seen all of the episodes they are broadcasting right now since I couldn't do much but watch TV for a few days, but I'll take a look). Have a good night.

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