Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bump, bump, Ouch!

I fell down the stairs yesterday. Well, down half a flight. I followed the vacuum, which is, I suppose, better than having it follow me. I was taking the vacuum down the stairs, carefully sliding it down ahead of me rather than lifting and carrying it since I had a sore back already. My feet just slipped out from under me and down I went. I landed hard on my left butt cheek and bone, with my right arm and shoulder sort of jammed up because I had tried to stop the slide with that arm. Once I managed to get up I wasn't sure whether I should keep moving and not stop or lie down and not move. LOL.

This morning was much better than I thought, all things considered. I was sore all over but able to move everything. I will be home from work tomorrow but I might make it back to work by Tuesday - Wednesday at the latest. No bruises showing yet but I think there is a big one building beneath the skin judging by the pain I feel when I sit down. : (

I have been knitting. It's not esay knitting when you have to spend most of your time either standing up or lying flat, but it can be done. This is the Tie One On that I mentioned in Thursday's post. Here's my progress:

I also managed to get outside for a little while (the sunshine was irresistable) and took a few photos of the remaining snow and ice meling. Here's one of my faviorites.

ice bubbles 4
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I have watched a lot of Style and HGTV this weekend, a little golf, and read a book. Well, to be honest, I finished reading the book I had already started. Sitting is painful so I stand (which is how I am writing this blog post) or lie down. I have used a lot of Icy Hot and taken a lot of Ibuprofen. I really hope I feel better soon. Have a good Monday.

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