Friday, September 30, 2011

I hab a code in by nose

Second day back to work and I woke up with a sore throat and headache. I tried to convince myself that it was allergies but by mid day I was pretty miserable. Dh went to the store and had Zicam waiting for me when I got home. I took 3000 mg of vitamin C and Zicam and went to bed. Idon't think that it actually makes the cold get better faster, despite what the label says, but the symptoms seem to be less when I take it, so I do. It's Thursday and I still don't feel well, but I was just gone for a few weeks so I am being dedicated and going in each day, trying to get caught up with the backlog that was waiting for me  when I returned to work.

So, back to vaction. Thursday was predicted to be a windy afternoon. We decided to go out in the morning (I actually got up at 5:45 AM while on vacation to go  fishing!!!!!!!!) and hope we got to fish for a few hours before the winds drove us in. I was so glad, since that was our big fish catching day. In addition, the weather was beautiful until evening, so we had a very nice day on the water.

The next day was rainy and windy as promised. I did some laundry and some shopping. (The fishing clothes were getting a bit ripe.) DH had a credit with one of the fishing boats and so decided to go out with them for night striped bass fishing. I posted those pictures previously. No fish for him on that trip, though.

Saturday was another stay on shore day, but on Sunday we got one more trip out on the boat, caught another bass.  It was a bit sloppy but not too bad. It was getting pretty chilly at night at this point, so I was glad to come in at a decent hour.

Monday was pack up day, boat and clothes. We should have gotten packed the night before so we could go boating on Monday, but we didn't. It turned out to be a nice, sunny day on Monday which made it hard to get going. To be honest, it was still quite windy around the light house and on the water, but it looked and felt like a nice day to us, our last day of vaction. sigh. We finally headed west towards Mom's house after dinner.

Tuesday we spent just hanging out, spending time with Mom. She and I went to a fabric outlet place (they only have upholstery and curtain fabrics, not clothes making stuff) and rummaged through the remnants bins. I have some pillows that need refreshing. I got some really awesome fabric for pillow recovering for very little money. I can't wait to get to the sewing!

Wednesday was the trip home from NY. It rained off and on, so Bob and I traded off driving, depending on where we were, rain and light levels. It went pretty well over all.


KnottedFingers said...

EEek so sorry you are sick! Keep up the C right now there's a nasty cold going around that turns into bronchitis very easily.

I love your photos so much. Someday I'll get back to the ocean

Linda said...

Zicam seems to be doing the trick. Thanks for the good wishes.

EGunn said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Those first days back from vacation are hard enough without a cold...

Love the picture of the sea grasses. And the boat. And the ocean. Sigh...