Monday, September 26, 2011

Vacation pics part 1

 We started vacation by spotting these and other hot air balloons drifting by as we packed. I love to
watch hot air balloons. The colors of the balloons themselves, the thoughts and dreams of where one might go and what one might see while up there are powerful ..... Then I remember that I don't like heights, and the gas blower on those things is noisy - we could hear them on the ground - so it's not quite the peaceful trip it appears at first. Good daydreaming material, though. ; )  

I have already posted the pictures of the first beach we went to  on Long Island. It's a place called Shinnecock Inlet. It is very popular with fisherman and, during certain times, surfers. Our visit was during the time that hurricane Irene was off the coast and that was the cause of the waves that the  surfers were enjoying.
We visited with Mom for 3 days before leaving for our actual vacation.  We spent one day around Shinnecock. Mom got some moccasins for herself and I bought a pair for a baby gift. We spent one day just relaxing and catching up.

I was thrilled to find out that we could watch the Ravens season opener while there. We had planned to go to a sports bar to watch but didn't have to. What a spectacular win that was!

The next morning we drove out to Montauk, dropped the boat off, unloaded at the hotel and went back to put the boat in the water. We had picked up sandwiches to eat on the boat and headed out to fish the full moon. We each caught one striper that day, which was more than we had caught the entire week during last years vacation! We have pictures of those fish on a camera that actually has film and therefore has to be developed. That's a change! (I had forgotten my digital camera and the other one was in the boating bag. ) We came into the dock at about 1AM, got to bad about 3AM. Ugh.

The next day we went out again, in the late afternoon and into the evening and I caught another striper! It was great fun, and we had sunshine all of this time. At home in MD it was mostly grey and rainy so we appreciated the sun very much. We caught 2 bluefish as well, and brought one home, thinking we could catch more. We didn't. : (

Wednesday we went to visit with one of my brothers (I have 3) and his son at their campsite. Bob had a headache so we went back to the room so he could sleep for a while. I really enjoyed my knitting time. His headache persisted and I got a mild one also, so we stayed on shore that day.

More  news and photos tomorrow (I hope. It's very busy at work trying to catch up on things that happened while I was away)

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EGunn said...

We almost got to go on a hot air balloon in Arizona. Then they cancelled the night before because their pilot had the flu. Someday, maybe...