Saturday, October 01, 2011

ooohhh I am so excited!

I participated in a swap within the Ravelry Spinners Study group recently. I have been burned in swaps before, so I hesitated, but decided to give this one a try. Now I am very glad I did.

WOW! I really lucked out with my partner. Even the packaging was awesome, with coordinating ribbons. She sent some raw shetland and some shetland roving from her farm. I have never spun shetland before so this will be great fun for me.

I am already washing the raw shetland. giggle. I couldn't wait!

I got some notions and goodies - Godiva chocolates, highlighter tape in a color I hadn't seen before (I love this stuff and go through it a lot) soak wash samples and ChiaGoo Stainless Lace needles.

The fiber selection is great! Look at this green color - what a splash that silk will make with something deep and saturated.

Then we have the *so soft that I want to curl up in it* fiber in blue merino (the color is not accurate- it's a bit more teal than what I got despite several attempts in different lights to get it right) and white cria alpaca.

Look at this yarn - it's merino, silk and bamboo.
Here's a look at the fiber stash additions and
a look at the other goodies that added to my happiness. Thank you so much Nancy.

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EGunn said...

Wow...that's a lot to be excited about! I forsee much pleasure in sampling coming your way. Good taste in fiber, and in colors - you really did get lucky!