Friday, September 16, 2011


Knitting first. This is the project that has gotten most of my attention lately. The sweater I am designing for eldest son is stockinette on the back and will have two cables on the front. Sleeves will most likely have a simple cable running down each one but that is still to be decided.

This is DH on our boat, about 2 miles from Montauk Point lighthouse with one of the striped bass he caught.
This is me, back at the dock at about midnight, with my bass hanging from the scale. Being out on the water always makes for a bad hair day but I was so happy that I caught a bass, I didn't care. Catching striped bass is no easy chore. Whenever I have hooked one, Iswear that I got caught on the bottom at first. It feels so solid and unmoving. You really have to fight and work to get a fish like that in the boat. As far as I am concerned, a limit of one per day is just fine. That's too much work for me to go through twice in a day. ; )
I haven't forgotten top spin. This is the yak that I am spinning on my akha spindle. It's sooo soft.
This bass is the biggest one I have ever caught! It's 40 inches long and I had trouble lifting it, as you can see. Besides, I hate to put my hand in the gills to hold it the way you are supposed to. ; )
Tonight DH is out on this boat fishing.

See? There he is in the green shirt furthest from the stern (back of the boat). He'll be back at midnight..

More tomorrow. I took lots of pictures tonight and some turned out great. I have to wait until I get home to post those. Data usage adds up fast when you are posting photos and despite advertising to the contrary, this hotel does not have free wifi. Drat.

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EGunn said...

Pretty cables! The yarn is perfect for a textured knit, too. Congratulations on the fishing haul. I've never landed anything bigger than a sunfish, but I can imagine that it would take some doing to get one of those aboard!