Thursday, September 15, 2011

So glad I got up early

We had an awesome day on the water! We had great luck fishing. We brought home a 35 inch, a 38 inch and a 40 inch bass plus one bluefish just right for baking whole. Yum! Bob has a great recipe for baking bluefish!

The weather earlier today was beautiful. We enjoyed sun and the wind wasn't too bad. We came in after Bob noticed the sky in the direction of "home" was getting dark. We got rained on just before coming into the dock, but it let up shortly and we were able to clean and unload the boat and load the car in nice weather.

Since then things have deteriorated a lot. The winds are now 20 mph with gusts to 30 and it is raining with that. Ugh. The hotel room was freezing when we returned, but the heat is working now and though I am snuggled in bed with pjs and a sweatshirt on, it's warming up nicely. Eldest son, who was not able to join us here, sent a text saying that it was 45 degrees in MD! Brrrrrrrr.

I am making great progress on eldest sons sweater, though not as good on the afghan. I am busy fishing when on the boat. ; )

Pictures tomorrow - the camera is in the car and it's too nasty out there to go get it.

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EGunn said...

I never regret getting up early. It is so nice to have a head start on the day (especially when it decides to get nasty out).