Sunday, September 11, 2011


We are in NY at my mother's house. We saw the ocean yesterday so I feel like I am on vacation. We took Mom out all day, had both lunch and dinner out and enjoyed good food and good company. ; )

The dog in the picture above was a well behaved dog who wandered the beach but within sight of his owner, visited everyone and was just so friendly. We asked -  he's a labradoodle and I want one.  The surf was about 6-8 ft. and the  surfers were loving it.

Rob's sweater is growing by leaps and bounds. I have had a good amount of car and chat knitting time, and since this is stockinette, it's perfect for this kind of situation. I am taking a picture daily with my cell phone and sending it to Rob to see. He was hoping to join us for a few days in Montauk but didn't get days off.

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EGunn said...

Mmm...the ocean is always a great addition to a trip. Feels like home to me. =)

I think it would be worth getting a Labradoodle just to say it often. What a fun word!