Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wild Card!

They did it! The Ravens are in the playoffs as a wild card! WooHoo!!!

Knitting has been going on here today. I did some spinning yesterday and was able to finish up some deep blue fiber I had been working. Next I have to finish up the purple wool/silk blend and ply it. I need the bobbins to ply the blue fiber, so the purple has to be finished first.
I blocked my scarf. This is the 198 yards of heaven scarf that I completed a couple of weeks ago. I love it even more now that it is blocked - the lace shows up so much more and it feels softer than before, also.

A close up of the stitch pattern:

And a close up of the edge. Very nice, I think.

Here is the He Gansey a couple of hours ago - this is some of the front of the sweater. I have since finished the front and joined the shoulders. Next up - picking up around the arm for the sleeves.

I have been swatching for a KAL I will be leading at my LYS in February - the Mondo Cable Pulli/Cardi from Chic Knits. The swatches were knitted a while ago but I had not blocked them. Now they are blocked and measured. The gauge is very close - I can use any of the yarns for the sweater. These are my choices:
On Line Linie 208 nature-wool (not tweedy but not a smooth yarn, either, I like the texture)

Rowan Harris Aran ( a little tweedy and very nice)
Kathmandu Aran (possibly a little too tweedy?)
Which do you thing will work best for this sweater?

A newly opened amaryllis to end the night.

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Karen Frisa said...

I'm going to jump in and say that I like the Rowan Harris Aran the best. Probably at least partly because I don't really like singles yarns, and I do like charcoal gray. I agree that the Kathmandu Aran is probably too tweedy, though the swatch on the right looks OK. You are going to have a lot of stockinette, after all, so a little tweedy might be good.