Monday, January 04, 2010


I have, as usual, spent time thinking about what I would like to do differently this year compared to last year. I don't make "resolutions" because that is a formula for feeling like a failure, but I do like to set goals and/or hopes for myself. I try to be realistic and still "improve" myself or something in my life. Goals are flexible, resolutions seem not to be.

I would like to be healthier this coming year. I am not certain of the best way to make that happen. I lost my walking partner last year (Hi, Karen) but I can't do that any longer anyway. Bike riding might be a good substitute - we'll see when the weather gets a little better. (the rear tire is flat and I am having trouble convincing eldest son to go outside in this weather to fix it) Meanwhile, I will try to do 30 minutes of exercise 5 days/week. I will also try to change my eating habits. I don't need a "diet", I just need to eat less junk food.

I would like to get and keep the house organised and neat. Bob is building a new and bigger shed, we are buying storage tubs and I plan to label them and use them. If I make storage simple and easy to use, I hope to be able to stick with the plan and get the others in the house to do the same. I want to de-clutter.

I want to be more interested in my work. I am a nurse. I work in research and would rather be doing direct patient care. I have to accept that I can't do that any longer (due to back pain) and fully invest myself in my work, acknowledging that it isn't as personally satisfying but it is important and doing it right is important and not "just paperwork". I need to read, take classes, something to spark my interest.

I want to spend time doing fun stuff with DH. He is becoming more and more limited in what he can do alone and I don't want him to become too isolated or frustrated when he tries to do something he can no longer do by himself. Also, when life in general gets tough (and in this economic climate, who isn't having a tough time) we tend to get more serious. We need laughter and fun to balance it all.

Knitting - I want to make sweaters and tops more than anything else (socks, scarves, etc.) I want to knit a few items with my handspun yarn and I want my purchases of yarn to be for sweaters. I want to work on the quality of my knitting (but not loose the fun of knitting). Knitting multiple sweaters and making, then fixing the mistakes should improve my knitting skills, don't you think? ; ))

Spinning - I want my spinning to be more directed instead of accidental. I want to be able to spin a specific yarn for a sweater of a gauge that I chose, not spin yarn and then try to find a sweater that I can make with that yarn. Now that is a lofty goal! One that I will need flexibility for. ;(

Now that I am exhausted from all of that thinking, I think I'll take a nap. :))

Think warm thoughts.

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