Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of the yarn for my KAL sweater. It's probably just as well that I didn't have it over the last weekend, though. I would not have gotten as much work done as I did. Saturday I was very productive - I did the great dish exchange - the Christmas dishes went back in the boxes and the every day dishes came out and went back into the cabinets. By the time I was finished with that and some clean out and elimination (to go into the Purple Heart collection box) I was tired and had a sore back. The next morning my back was more than sore. I was getting zings from the nerve that had been irritated the day before and had to be very careful how I moved. Hmmm. Maybe I wish that I had gotten the yarn - I would have been knitting instead of hurting my back. ; )

I spent the day doing gentle exercises and non-strenuous chores around the house. By the time Monday rolled around I was not able to sit for long and spent the day in/on the bed in various stages of reclining, trying (unsuccessfully) to get comfy. Tuesday I opted to stay home, also.I have an hour drive to and from work and most of my work requires that I sit at the computer and type. A lot. That was not happening. I found the recliner to be a better place to spend time.

Today I gave going to work a shot. The drive wasn't too bad - I wanted to stop and get out only once (I didn't - there was no safe place to stop where I was driving at the time) and got to work much later than usual. I had waited until after rush hour, and plan to leave for home well before rush hour begins this afternoon. I've been at the computer since I arrived but get up a couple of times/hour to change position. It seems that standing still isn't very comfortable, either. I'm shooting for a 3PM departure - that's two hours away and I hope I can make it. (I am on a meal break. I have to eat fairly often to protect my stomach from the ravages of high dose NSAIDs, so even on an abbreviated schedule I take a meal break.)

I was disappointed on Sunday with both football game results. There is no team worthy of my support during the Superbowl. sob. I don't like the Saints at all, and no self-respecting Maryland resident will cheer for the Indianapolis Colts, who should be (and were originally) the Baltimore Colts. I guess I'll find a non-Superbowl activity to participate in.

The Olympics start on Feb. 12. Will you be watching? Will you be participating in the Knitting Olympics on Ravelry or someplace else? Will you do your own, private challenge? I think the idea is a great way to get out of a rut - learn a new skill in an area you are familiar with or learn a whole new sport/craft/language, etc. I wanted to do a Knitting Olympic challenge for myself this year, most likely private rather than in a public forum. I was giving it thought when I realized that anything I might want to do would take away from knitting time for the KAL I will be leading during that time. Maybe my challenge should be to knit an entire sweater without re-knitting any part of it. LOL. I will be watching as much of the Olympics as I can manage for certain. The determination and dedication to each sport that the athletes must have to even get to the Olympics is so inspiring to me.

DH's neck problem is improving. He is on the taper part of the steroids, and most of his pain is gone. He still has alot of numbness in his hands, but that's getting better, too. I don't think he's doing his exercises, though. We'll have to have a talk about that now that I am feeling better. Exercises are better than medications IMHO.

Meeting time. More in a day or so.

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