Friday, January 22, 2010

color chosen then changed (sheepish grin)

With the input from the LYS Needle Exchange attendees, I chose cyan tones. During the early morning hours I changed my mind and chose Ocean. I am trying to balance the colors I love with getting colors that flatter me. It's very difficult doing that over the Internet. I hope this works. I can't wait to get started! I have to wait about a week, though, for it to arrive.

DH had an appointment with an ortho specialist this morning for his shoulder pain. I don't know how many of you have had or know someone who has had a kidney stone. If you do, you will understand the level of pain DH was in last Saturday - he felt like he had a kidney stone in his shoulder! The problem, it turns out, is arthritis and a bone spur in the cervical spine, pinching a nerve. He will continue his NSAID treatment, start a steroid taper today and (hopefully) do some exercises to help. If that doesn't work, we move on the an epidural steroid injection (injecting a steroid into the spinal column). Doesn't that sound like fun? I've had it done in my lumbar spine, and while it helped me quite a bit, I would be more hesitant to get it done in the upper spine. Fingers crossed, please.

The nasty weather that was predicted for last night and this morning has not materialized, thank goodness.

My car was dropped off for a check today - my heat works only sporadically and half-heartedly. That is not acceptable in January in Maryland. They think it is the thermostat. I hope that is all.

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Sandra said...

fingers are crossed - for both the steroid injection and for Joan.