Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Car Trouble

I forgot to add this to my earlier post.

The intermittent heat problem in the car was diagnosed. It's the head gasket. Yup, that's right - the "Oh s**t " problem. Everyone has the same response, whether they are knowledgeable about cars or not. We have no choice but to have it fixed, so that's about $1000 out of our pockets. major ouch. We are making do with one vehicle between us this week and it's tough for DH. He detests being home without a vehicle to get around in. That will be a very hard thing to deal with when his vision gets bad enough that he can't drive at all. He's getting a test run this week. It's already been longer than they said it would be for the repair. Let's just hope that it won't cost more than they said.

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Sandra said...

ouch. One of my old cars needed a new head gasket. Not cheap, unfortunately.
And I agree with DH - being home without a car is PAINFUL...