Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day update

The Ravens are out of the playoffs. : ((
They did it to themselves - too many penalties and some missed tackles. Bummer.

On the knitting front, I have been swatching a lot for the Mondo Cable KAl that I will be leading at my LYS. I plan to make the cardigan, most others I think will make the pullover. I made a few swatches for me to try to decide on the yarn I will use and then I made several others for display and to advertise the activity.
I picked up the stitches for Bob's second sleeve on the He Gansey and have about 3 inches knit. It seems to take forever to see progress at the start of the sleeve, but I think things will move faster this week. The gusset is finished and I have begun the actual sleeve decreases.
The purple sock has 2 of the required 3 pattern repeats on the leg completed. The purple alpaca shawl edging is a little longer but has been put aside for now in the interests of finishing the He Gansey and purple sock. No spinning has occurred.

Outdoors, the shed that DH is building is nearing completion. The outside work is done and the shelving is going to be started on the interior. We will be able to start using it soon. That's very good because I have taken down the holiday decorations and sorted through them, organising and cleaning out. I would love to get those storage tubs out in the shed to make room for me to sort through clothes and other things.

The boat has finally been winterized and covered and is safely parked at the marina.

Work is busy - several new patients have been enrolled and this is the season of monitor visits - I am in the midst of my 3rd in the last month, with another scheduled for next month. Whew!

Speaking of monitor visits, the monitor is due any minute. Have a great day.

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Sandra said...

sorry to hear about the Ravens - I watched the game, and they really did do it to themselves.
If you want to send Bob up to Canada, I could use a new shed for storage as well...