Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They won!

The Ravens beat the Patriots! I wanted it to happen but had my doubts ....

I am so impressed. Indy, here we come!

On the knitting front, all during the football games I knitted on Bob's sweater sleeve. I had actually managed to pick up the stitches evenly enough the first time that I didn't have to rip and re-do it. I knitted 16.5 inches of double moss stich for one sleeve and then couldn't go any further. Apparently I reached my saturation point. I haveabout a half inch to go, then a decrease round, then the cuff. I wove in the ends on the sweater, finished Rob's earflap hat (it fits!) and wove in those ends. Younger son's hat has to be ripped. I thought it might - it felt kind of small while I was knitting it and I was able to catch younger son for a try on to confirm. That's OK - it wasn't a lot of knitting.

Last night I started a swatch for the Mondo cable sweater with Donegal Tweed. Tonight I hope to finish the sweater sleeve (I think I've had enough of a break that I won't feel nauseated when I pick it up to knit on) and pick up the stitches for the next sleeve. I'd also like to rip younger son't hat and recalculate what to do with it. The sleeve is the priority, though.

Work is busy these days. I have entered 4 patients into studies in the last month - that's a lot for my kind of studies. We lost 2 patients, too. Very sad.
I have a few monitor visits either going on or scheduled for the next month or so. That means lot so of tedious work to do - checking for blank spaces on the forms, going back to find missing information, and making copies of lots of papers after de-identifying them. Blegh.

The cold weather is very hard on DH. He is trying to complete work on the shed he's building in the yard, but it's hard to put up doors or shingles when it's 30 degrees and windy outside and you loose feeling in your fingers almost as soon as you get out there. He is persistent, though, watches the forecast and plans out his week, chosing the warmest days for the best chores to be done. He's a great guy.

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