Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week's End

I am so happy that the week is over. I can't wait to get in some more knitting time.

Thursday night at my LYS I was able to knit another inch of the lace pattern at the top of the back of the linen stitch top.

I also bought yarn. There is a sale right now - all Noro, Mirasol and Elspeth Lavold yarns on sale. How could I resist? I did indulge myself a little, but I also bought the yarn for the baby sweater I want to knit - that was actually most of the cost.

I purchased 5 skeins of this cotton yarn in red for the baby sweater for my cousin's little girl. See the cable? One cable down the front on each side but the rest is top down raglan styling, knit all at once. It should go pretty fast, and for a child's sweater, that's important. : )

I also bought 3 skeins of this soft yummy yarn for myself. Nuna is a blend of wool, silk and bamboo and it just glows.

I plan to make either a cowl or small scarf with it just because I had to have some and didn't want to spend a fortune right now.

Clapotis is finished, as I have already told you. I have left it unblocked for now, but will probably block it at some point. I like the gentle flow of it and the way the stockinette sections are softly rolling but I like the corners to lay flat and they won't right now.

I worked on the baby sweater and I worked on Dh's sweater last night. I have a gusset of sorts knitted and will try the sleeve cap today. I knitted 4 more rows of the first edge chart for Laminaria last night. I would love to sit and do nothing but that today, but duty calls.

I have to go do some sanding on the boat now so we can get the second coat of paint done and get it back into the water. I will leave you with some views of and from my deck.

Well, I was going to do that but Blogger seems to be having a problem, so I will post those another day. Have a great week end.

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