Monday, July 13, 2009

Melancholy Sunday night

I always feel that way about Sunday evenings. I am happy that I had a good weekend (for the most part) and I still feel relaxed, but there is a slightly sad flavor to it also because I know that I have to return to work the next morning. I have never been one of those who was anxious to get back to work, or who lived for what they did for a living. I am even less so these days, as I get older and DH is at home. I don't hate work, I would just be so much happier if I didn't have to go there. ; )

I was able to knit 2 more rows on Laminaria. Each row takes a while because of the over 400 stitches, and now that I am on a chart that I have not knitted before, each row takes a bit longer because I have to learn the new pattern for that row. It is enjoyable knitting, though, and I might well knit another Laminaria at some point.

I knit on the baby sweater to the point where the arm stitches were put on holders. Now I will knit the body only. This is good especially because I think I may want to add length to the sleeves. I can now knit the body and when I move on to the sleeves, know that the rest of the sweater is knitted and I can use up all of the remaining yarn.

The veggie garden was weeded, the Clematis tied up so that the lawn mower no longer needs to dodge it, the pond filters are clean and the old flowers and leaves pulled out so as to not foul the water and the yard tidied up in general.

The boat was painted and sanded and painted again. Unfortunately, it needs yet another sanding and painting (3rd coat). This is one area where I am pleased to say to DH "I am off to work. See you tonight." Sanding in the sun at midday is no fun, and even in the evening it's pretty miserable. I think it will be in the water by this weekend, though. Finally we will be able to meet at the marina after work and go out for an evening boat ride, swim and supper on the boat. It is so peaceful out there, and sunsets on the water cannot be equaled.

Tonight's plan is to knit 2 more Laminaria rows and then work on DH's sweater sleeve. Must finish that sweater. Soon.

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