Monday, July 27, 2009

Not a good day

I did not succeed at much of anything yesterday. Eldest son had a "vehicular incident". He landed in a ditch after evading 2 deer crossing the road and I was called at 6 AM to go get him. He's OK, not sure about the car - the car that he has owned for only 4 months or so. It was towed and they are holding it hostage. My son has to be there to get it out, despite the fact that he works from 7-5 and they are only open from 9-5. If he misses a day of work, he risks getting fired. His boss is very particular about that kind of thing. So, he does without the car or he had a job. Is that fair?

No sewing occurred. I did some knitting, but not much. I was very stressed and tired and didn't risk doing much of anything for fear of doing it wrong.

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