Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boat painting is finished!

I thought this project would never end. DH is really pushing to get the other projecting stuff (he had to wait for the paint job to be complete) finished up so that the boat can go in the water for a weekend trip. We will have new cables and transducer for the depth finder and a swim platform that I can sit on or use to have an easier time getting in and out of the water.

I have about 2 more inches on the baby sweater body to knit, then it's on to the sleeves. Tonight's knit nite knitting will probably be the Elemental Boatneck, though. I haven't touched that since last Thursday.

I purchased 3 books during the IK hurt book sale. I am happy with all of them, but the one that makes me happiest is Knit So Fine. There are at least 4 projects in this book that I can see myself wearing. I hope I can deal with the slow progress that a small gauge yarn will give me (like the Elemental Boatneck), especially in stockinette. I will just have to be sure to have another project on the needles that moves faster. Or spin in between.

The other books I purchased are It Itches and Andean Inspired Knits
I don't think that I will knit any of the projects in Andean Inspired Knits (well, maybe one) but it's great reading and inspiration. I think that I might bring It Itches in to work and when I need a chuckle or to lighten my mood, that might just do the trick.

I am off now to get dinner and help with the swim platform installation, then go knitting with the crew at my LYS. Have a good evening

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