Monday, July 06, 2009

Laminaria progress

This post was started on Monday but I wanted to add photos and it took me until Wednesday to do it. Sorry.

It's a shame that lace looks so terrible on the needles. I can't wait to show you my Laminaria progress. Tonight I will finish the blossom chart (2 more rows) and start the edging charts! I am so excited to be so close to the end. I haven't hated working on this project, it's just that I am anxious to finish and wear it. I may gift it to someone later (I am not sure how the color will look on me) but I will wear it at least once. I hope to enter it in the county and state fairs this year, too.

(ETA I have since completed the blossom chart and knitted the first tow rows on the edging chart! )

The holiday weekend was great. The weather was good, the deck railing is finished, we had good food and good company to celebrate Independence Day and a day off after to recuperate. : )

I spent yesterday (Sunday) alternating between doing laundry, knitting and sanding the primer on the boat in preparation for painting later this week. The knitting was the most fun. ; )

Tonight's knitting will be Laminaria, all Laminaria. Maybe tomorrow, too, depending on how complicated the charts are. If the first one (there are 2 edging charts) is very complicated I might take a day off from that and return to it on Wednesday. My other projects for this week are Bob's sweater (which needs to have the sleeve cap ripped and re-knit. again.), sewing the blue/blue sweater (I can't believe that I haven't done that yet!) together and the boatneck top back section.

I have a cousin who had a baby girl a few months ago after many years of trying and miscarriages. I want to knit a sweater for their little girl and I am trying to resist casting on until I have more of my current projects completed. I think I will buy the yarn for it on Thursday at my LYS. Making that indulgence may help ease the craving. On the other hand, it also makes it easier to cave in and cast on .....

Our deck improvements are complete.

The railings have all been replaced, the railing boxes are back in place and it is lovely to sit out there to eat, knit, read or just relax. You can see the railing boxes, which were made by DH, and in the far corner near the swing, you can see the water garden that is also under repair. It was too heavy and was making the deck sink slowly. We removed the front overflow section and put spacers in the other section so that it would hold less water and therefore be lighter. It just needs new trim around the top and I can add the plants and fish.

The next project (not to be started until after the boat painting is complete and the boat is back in the water, I think) is to replace one of the sheds in our yard. We have 2 because one is used for yard tools, etc. and the other for storage of clothes, yarn stash, memorabilia and various other things. I don't want the two together. The storage shed is in bad shape and DH has decided to replace it this year. The big question is what to do with the "stuff" while the new shed is being built. If we had space for it elsewhere, we wouldn't need the shed. I think a few tarps will be tied down over it and I hope they can complete the roofing quickly. LOL.

My house is clean again. During the summer months, I need the impetus of guests coming to make me get to the cleaning. I would much rather be outside, otherwise. even doing outdoor cleaning (weeding and trimming). We'll enjoy this for another week before the cat hair, dust and other stuff starts to accumulate again. I may schedule a dyeing day at my house again this year, and that will trigger another house cleaning effort. Maybe I need to schedule a monthly social event all summer ....

Sunset from the deck

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