Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching up

Well, since I wrote last, I finished the baby sweater. Yippee! I have 2 buttons to sew on and blocking to do and it's ready to be gifted. Pictures in a day or so.

The elemental boatneck body is complete.

I still have the sleeves to knit, of course, but somehow, with this garment, I feel like I have the majority of work done with the body complete.

Bob's sweater was tried on last weekend, but I had a headache and really could not make a decision about the fit, so that fitting will happen again today.

Last Sunday was DH's birthday. We have had a tradition of being on or near the water for his birthday but I had my doubts this year, what with the projects taking so long to complete. We made it, though, and had an absolutely wonderful afternoon and evening on the water. There was enough breeze to keep us comfortable, enough sun to make me happy but not enough to roast us, calm waters and a beautiful sunset. It was just about perfect.

We went out on the boat yesterday. I had reluctantly agreed to get up for a morning trip. I hate mornings, would prefer to sleep until about 9 on the weekends, but the forecast was for the winds to pick up in the afternoon on Sat. and stay high all weekend. If we wanted to go boating, Sat. morning would have to be it. We rose at 6:30 (I had to warn DH not to talk to me. I am not chatty in the morning) and off we went. Within 10 minutes of getting on the water, I was happy. It was worth it. We had a good day, swam a few times, did some fishing, had some good sandwiches (food almost always tastes better on the water) and when the wind did come up in the afternoon, came in to the dock. We actually had a good part of the day on the water - I think we arrived at the dock at about 6 PM. We cleaned and closed the boat, washed up ourselves and went for supper. There was a spectacular thunder and lightening storm that we watched as we drove home - nature's fireworks. ; )

I knitted while boating - no surprise there. I worked on some cotton wash/dish cloths for stocking stuffers,

eldest son's afghan (started years ago and recently resurrected)

and the mobius

in that wonderful blue/purple wool that I started a few months ago while I was suffering from startitits. Quite a bit of progress.

Today is going to be a home project day. I have the usual laundry to do (it's raining, so no line drying, I am afraid) and I plan to do sewing - the sweater I finished knitting weeks ago needs to be sewn together, the buttons need to be attached to the baby sweater and I have lining fabric that needs to be sewn onto some curtains that have been hanging for a while in our bedroom.

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