Tuesday, March 03, 2009

West coast - Stitches. East coast - snow. Is that fair?

Well. Snow. Somwhere around 8 inches of it. It was beautiful. It was cold. It was heavy. I am thankful for the inventor of snow blowers. I do not use noisy machines when I can do something quietly, but I love snow blowers. My back loves snow blowers.

I used our snow blower yesterday, and it was fun. I would have helped the whole block with their snow removal because I was having fun, but DH would not go inside no matter how cold he was (he is a diabetic and the cold really gets to him) until I was finished, so I stopped with the two houses next to us. But I could have done more. ; ))

The birds came to visit and one of the cats (Stanley) played in the snow. He was so funny, head out the door, wanting to go out, but every time his paws hit the cold, he hesitated. When we first opened the door, before he even tried to touch the snow, he shook each paw as if it were wet, and shook his head. We didn't make him go out, but he wanted to go so urgently that we finally encouraged him. We very slowly closed the door so that he knew he had to stay inside or take the plunge.

When he finally look the leap, he hopped like a bunny, trying, I suppose, to keep his paws warm/dry. Interesting tracks left in the snow .... That paw is moving so fast, you can hardly see it!

Speaking of tracks, I took some pictures of bird tracks left in just a dusting of snow on the deck. They seemd very large for such small birds.

After clearing the snow I went inside and took on the long delayed task of making the lining for the bedroom curtains I purchased months ago. I am very unsure of myself when it comes to both sewing and accurately measuring. This project is large and expensive if I fail, so I didn't get very far. I didn't even finish one curtain panel, but I did get started, and that's the second hardest thing to do. The hardest thing is to go back to something you've screwed up, at least as far as I am concerned. I hope I don't have to face that with this project.

I did a bit of spinning over the weekend. Said weekend was 3.5 days long! I was home Friday with a headache and 4 hours of furlough time. Monday was a snow day! Yippee! So, I spun each day over the weekend, more on the drop spindle that the wheel, though the wheel did come out on Sunday and Monday. I am making a 3 ply on the wheel, though I don't have a specific purpose for the yarn. I will be ready to ply some of the drop spindle singles this week and I can't wait! There was 2 ounces of this pretty blue fiber, so there won't be much yarn, but I can look at it, pet it, and perhaps use it to accent something else. I don't know, maybe there will be enough to make a small lacy scarf.

I took the plunge into the frog pond with DH's white sweater. His proportions have changed a little since I took his measurments, and I saw no point in his having a sweater that didn't fit well just so that I didn't have to rip. I am now back to creating rather than ripping.

The Honka scarf is slow going, but going. I am frequently too tired to concentrate that much at the end of a day, but I love it, so I shall persevere.

The Laminaria Shawl has come to a screeching halt. I was tinking due to some small error or another and lost a double decrease stitch, didn't realize it right away and now I have no idea what to do. I am waiting for the Knit Doctor to return from CA.

Rob's heel is turned and I can't wait to get to the section where I do the words. I hope he likes "Fear the Turtle". DH thinks he will.

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Karen Frisa said...

"Fear the Turtle" -- that's hilarious!!