Sunday, March 08, 2009

Signs of Spring

The Blueberry plant,

the Mums,

the Daffodils

and the Sedum are all telling me that it is spring time.

Is winter's back broken? Is this the real thing? I hope so.

Robert's socks are almost complete. Since I took this photo I have knitted another 3 inches, including the text section. These will be finished in a week or less, I think.

I found a mistake on my Honka scarf when I was about 10 rows above where I made the mistake. When will I learn to check my work more frequently? You can see that I started the contrasting color 4 stitches before I should have, but I continued it for the correct number of stitches, so I have an error at both ends of the work. 

I dropped the stitches down and corrected the problem (successfully!) on one end of the piece (front and back are fixed at the same time). It took so long and was such a hassle that I decided to rip back to fix the other side. I do know that I can fix mistakes in double knitting, though, and I will hopefully see the mistake a little earlier the next time.

Back of the work

Front of the work

I spun some of this fiber

into this, on my wheel

My drop spindle wasn't neglected, either. This is llama

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Karen Frisa said...

Your wheel spinning looks so even and your scarf is still so beautiful!!