Friday, March 28, 2008

New fiber!

It seems that my desire to resume spinning has been cosmically reinforced. Today’s mail included my shipment from Spunky Eclectics Fiber Club. The fiber is merino (which I enjoy spinning). I think the colors are fun – they are supposed to represent blue skies, white snow, green things sprouting and the mud that comes from the snow melting. LOL

I am going to try 20 minutes of spinning tomorrow, though I probably will spin something else besides my new fiber. I may play with an earlier shipment – possibly the stuff that came at Christmas. I like those colors a lot:

My other option for spinning is the silk/wool blend I have been working on for a lace shawl.

The color is not very accurate in this photo - I will have to try again. It looks great in real life. I haven't chosen a stitch pattern yet. I just know that I want to knit a lace shawl with this yarn. I won't allow myself to swatch until I have the yarn spun, though. Otherwise I would be knitting away with only half of the yarn made.

I managed 4 rows on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and about the same on the Cables and Os tonight in between working, shopping for bedroom curtains, walking and dinner. It's time (tomorrow morning) to bind off the sock I have been working on and get a new one cast on. I MUST have a sock in progress for travel purposes. This travel sock is always either stockinette or ribbing so I don't have to track stitches. I let the yarn do the talking on these socks and save the fun patterns for other projects. I do knit patterned socks, I just don't take them along with me when I am out and about.

Have a great weekend.

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