Friday, March 21, 2008

TGIF. Really.

My new bedroom carpet is so thick and cushy on the toes, especially at 5:15 AM. I posted this particular photo because I thought that maybe including the furniture leg would show that it sinks into the carpet. The color is right on in this photo.

It is all very neutral because we hope to put the house on the market in a year or so and don't want to turn off potential buyers by choosing a color that might clash with their belongings. I like the way it looks anyway.
I can't get the color of the living room carpet right in the flash photos - I will try tomorrow in the daylight.

I have completed the ribbing on the Cables and O's sweater.

I just started the foundation row with the cables, which I love to do. I should be able to make good progress on this project this weekend. Karen and I are celebrating her birthday with some knitting and dessert. Yum. My son (the cook) is making the dessert so it should be good.

It has been a long and busy week. Work was very busy. I am a research nurse in cardiac surgery and we had an emergency implant of a heart pump last week that required lots of extra paperwork to be filed under deadline. I was assigned an extra project (also with a deadline) on Thursday and there is still the regular data collection to be done on the patients already enrolled in studies. Then I had computer issues - an electonic data collection system that didn't want to work and less than helpful help desk people on the job. I am more happy than ususal that the end of the week arrived.

Research coordinators have to deal with study monitors who come periodically to verify data. I have one of those on Monday. It is rare that there are no errors or changes to be made on the case report forms. You look at a computer screen, for instance, filled with lab values and even though you try to be careful, your eyes move to the next line or the next day's results and you write the wrong number down. Deciphering handwriting adds spice to my life, also. I have to read the progress notes and test reports and document adverse events that occur. When a patient is in the ICU for months at a time (not ususal but it happens) it is hard to catch every detail. It is tough for me sometimes to remain calm and helpful when someone is pointing out things that I did wrong or that I missed. I am getting better at it but it's still hard. Fortunately there are still 2 days off between now and the monitor visit. ; )

Have a great weekend.

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