Monday, March 17, 2008

Disaster Zone

My house is a hazardous area. We are getting carpet installed tomorrow, we are painting and screwing down the wood floors to eliminate squeaks and other misc. things. The main issue is that we are doing this in two rooms at one time. We were OK when it was just one room - we had enough room in the house to move things into. Now that two rooms are disassembled it is much tougher. The room pictured above is living room. This next photo is my bedroom.

The painting is complete in there. Not so in the living room, but at least the ceiling is done in the living room.


is my temporary bedroom. We used to have room to walk around the bed....and get into the closet (that the boxes are piled up in front of)

The room that has the most space right now is the smallest room in the house and it's where our computers live.
And my yarn stash.

Speaking of yarn, I made lots of progress on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl over the weekend. I didn't take another photo because it looks the same. You know how lace is - a big blob (feels nice,though) that looks very un-impressive until blocked. Maybe when I am on the next pattern repeat I will try another photo.

The Cables and O's sweater has been extensively swatched. I chose my needle size and was ready to cast on. But I looked at the sweater and thought about the final project and decided that I had to make a change. I don't like the fact that there is a cable on one front edge and a lace section on the other front edge. I know that when it is buttoned the pattern as written will go right along in the stitch pattern without interruption. I, however, don't plan to wear it buttoned and besides, I like symmetry (apparently). I want both fronts to end with either cables or lace. The lace doesn't work for me because I find the waviness of the lace edge to be annoying and I would be pulling at it all the time. So I am working on other ideas. This is a swatch of the bottom ribbing carried up the front of the sweater. This is a no go.

This is my gauge swatch. See how the lace edge ripples? I don't want that to be the front edge of my sweater.

I plan to add a cable section to the lace side and put a narrow band on it (the same as the other side). What this does to the neck edge has yet to be figured out.

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