Monday, March 24, 2008

I love weekends

Saturday was Karen's birthday. We celebrated by walking our 4 miles on the trail, then cleaning up and going for a ride to check on a friend. The we went to my house and spent several pleasant hours knitting and just talking. My son brought the birthday cake over at about dinner time. Strawberry shortcake with home made whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Karen knitted a sock - practically in front of my eyes. The yarn was sport weight (I think) and she was using size 4 needles. It seemed like every time I looked over there was a another couple of inches of sock knitted. We knitted some more, then Karen headed home to work - she is a night owl - while I knitted away on my Cables and O's sweater...

and also my Diamond Fantasy shawl.

On Sunday Karen and I walked our 4.5 miles on the trail again (I am soooooo sore) and then I worked on laundry and house cleaning and more knitting. I cooked spagetti and meatballs for supper. While the sun was out I took more photos of spring indicators.

This is the start (the red shoots) of my peony in my front garden. I love how the new shoots come right up between the old ones.

Today I am back at work. It will be a busy week. Posting on my blog my not happen much this week. Have a good one.

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Karen Frisa said...

Your shawl is so beautiful! And your sweater is really coming along. I haven't been working on mine; you'll probably get to the armholes before I do! :)