Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cable and O-ing

I had hoped to take a photo each day of my progress on the Cables and O's cardigan but that was not to be. Not enough sunlight during the times I am at home for one thing. And let's face it - two or three rows of progress just isn't going to be visible, at least not on line. Between dinner, walking 4 miles or so each day, family stuff and my back exercises, I just don't have very much knitting time after work. The good news is that I am doing a few rows each day and that I am enjoying it. The pattern is simple enough that I can get into the zone and just knit away and relax while I am doing it. I don't have to sit bolt upright with the chart in front of me, but it's not mind numbing, either.

I hope to try some spinning this week. I have been holding off on spinning because of my back issues - no need to irritate already sore muscles and joints with something that I know causes some aches and pains. But I have been going to physical therapy for a few weeks now and I am doing much better. I do my exercises regularly and I don't have nearly the amount of aches and pains I was having when I started. I think I will try just 20-30 minutes at a time. I will set a timer so I am reminded of when to stop. If I can spin for 20-30 minutes each day I will get a lot of spinning done. I have a tendancy to wait until I have lots of time to spin, and that's just not necessary.

I mentioned to Karen when we were walking one day that I was thinking about choosing a week in each month to spin instead of knit. When I have some fiber time I just automatically pick up my knitting. I can't seem to remember to do the one day/week spinning thing. Maybe identifying a whole week for spinning will get me going. I will, however, try my 30 minutes per day first to be sure I can handle spinning again. I may actually find that the daily thing works better for me. I do want to spin more and I am determined to find a way.

Have a good day and enjoy spring.

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