Wednesday, March 19, 2008

KAL night

I finally settled on a plan for the Cables and O's sweater front edges and I was able to sit and struggle with the cast on last night. I say struggle because I had to cast on 266 stitches. The cast on method I used is one that is flexible for K1P1 ribbing - can't remember the name of it - and while I love the end result, it's hard to keep it going and not get confused about whether I have to pick up the forward or back thread next. Clear as mud, right? Sorry. I will try to look up the name of the cast on later and add it to this post.

Regardless of what it is called, it's complete. Yippee! Tonight is a KAL night at the LYS so I get to sit and chat and knit my ribbing for 2 hours tonight. The ribbing knitting is made tolerable by the visiting going on - I do not like 1 x 1 ribbing. But it looks good, so I will suck it up. Tomorrow night is the regular knit night at the LYS so I will get 2 nights in a row of knitting and chatting.

I am making slow progress on my hand dyed, hand spun sock (think bright yellow, hot pink and some dark blue) that I've been working on for a while. It is my travel and wait project so it makes progress in fits and starts. I have passed the heel and am working my way round and round the leg. It's a great commute project. I am not yet close enough to the end to think about what comes next.

I would like to get going on the hemp lace top but my life doesn't seem to be allowing time for concentration type knitting right now. Maybe once the living room is back together....

Or not. The boat needs work to be ready for the season, which will start earlier now that we have canvas for it to keep us toasty warm on the sunny but breezy days of spring. A girl can only handle so many hours of boat work, though, before she needs a knitting break. : ) And chocolate. And maybe wine. And a heating pad for the aching back.....

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Karen Frisa said...

The "official" name for that CO, according to June Hiatt's book, which is where I learned it, is Alternating Cast-On (because it alternates between knits and purls). I usually just call it "a cast-on for rib."