Sunday, June 27, 2010

The back yard

We moved the clematis from one end of the yard to the other last fall and I thought we would have to wait another season before getting blossoms on the clematis. Apparently it is happy in it's new home.

Mama (or papa - I can't figure out the difference) robin with food for the baby, and one of the three babies poking it's head over the edge of the nest, looking for food. The nest is on the deck support near the downstairs back door, and the adults complain every time we go in or out the door. I don't believe I told them where to put their nest ....

Blueberries. I can't wait!

Potato greens

Green beans


Green bell peppers. We planted a red and a banana pepper plant, too.
Tomato on the vine

One of nine tomato plants.

Hanging basket flowers - I love this combination

Hibiscus. This very afternoon, during a storm that deposited very little rain but apparently strong gusts of wind, this plant was decapitated. The trunk snapped right off at the dirt level. : ((

(These photos were loaded on Sunday and the post was written and posted on Monday.)

I finished plying my Rambouillet last night. I have 172 yds. of 3 ply. : )
The bobbins are empty and waiting for the Tour de fleece project.

The Mata Hari sock is ready for the heel and the Slinky Ribs top needs only about 1/2 inch more stockinette and the ribbing will start. I, however, and going to go knit a few rounds of spiral stole. Have a good Tuesday.

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