Monday, June 21, 2010

Things were getting better .....

It was hot over the weekend. We went out on the boat on Saturday but I wasn’t interested in getting there until mid-afternoon due to the heat. We made a couple of stops on the way to pick up boating things we needed and arrived at the marina just about 4:00. It was quite windy – more so than the forecast indicated, but we persevered and I am glad. It turned out to be a beautiful evening on the water.

Things haven’t exactly been going well for us recently, though I had thought that we had fulfilled our “requirement “for bad things all in a 3 week period. We/I had a close call on the boat on Saturday just as we were closing things up to leave for home. I *never* open the hatch in the deck until I am ready to leave the boat. It’s an invitation for clumsy me to fall in. It’s my rule. I broke it Saturday night and did indeed fall. I don’t think 45 seconds had passed from when I opened the hatch to the time I fell into it – you would think that an adult would be able to remember something for at least a minute, wouldn’t you? Not me.

I stepped into the hole, tried to save myself, twisted my body around and fell anyway - with my foot in the hatch, jammed up against something. It was pretty dark and I really couldn’t/didn’t want to see. I calmly waited until DH was near and asked him to “come help me with something.” I told him what I had done, and, to his credit, he didn’t ask me why I opened the hatch early. He could see less than I could, and went by feel trying to figure out what was what. It wasn’t that I was in excruciating pain – I had some pain but it wasn’t bad. I was afraid of what would happen once I moved. We were able to move me and my leg and foot around and release it, and - miracle – nothing was broken! Today I broke a tooth. My #**# dental insurance doesn’t pay much for caps, and there’s not much tooth left. This is going to be expensive.

On the knitting front, Slinky Ribs is at the boring stockinette part. Too bad it’s not football season. This would make great football knitting. Since it is not football season, I listen to audio books.

The V neck cardigan is not growing because I want to finish Slinky Ribs first. I think I have a better chance of wearing Slinky Ribs in the summer than the V neck cardigan made with 80% wool.

I think I might be getting ready to resume lacier knitting. I plan to pick up the spiral stole again this week (assuming no additional crises) . Once the Spiral Stole is done, I will pick up the Circular Shawl from Victorian Lace Today (already frogged and ready to be re-knitted) or Laminaria , which still needs to be frogged. I am not looking forward to that process ..... but the worst that can happen is that I have to start again. I liked knitting it, so that really shouldn’t be that bad, right?

Spinning of the Rambouillet fiber is almost complete. I think 15 minutes tonight will wrap it up and then it’s time for chain plying. The Perfect Storm Wensleydale fiber is being spun (sometime a little, sometimes more) almost daily. I was able to contact Amy at Spunky Eclectic and she has agreed to dye more of the same fiber for me in a solid color that coordinates with the original colorway so that I can ply them together. I think it will look great and I plan a shawl with it. No, I don’t have a specific shawl in mind. I’ll have to see the finished product first. At least I am thinking in terms of the finished product while spinning my fiber, now. That’s progress. ; )

I'll try to get photos of all of my projects some time this week. Have a good one.

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