Sunday, June 27, 2010

Awesome Saturday

We had such a good day on the boat yesterday. With the temps predicted to be in the mid 90's, I was a little concerned about the heat, but we had a wonderful, relaxing time. We were on the water before 2 PM (we enjoy going out later and staying on the water until sunset) and headed out. We motored south for a while, heading to a place DH had in mind to try fishing. We saw a lot of sails on the water - more than is usual, even for the Chesapeake Bay, which is known for sailing. Further investigation revealed that there was a regatta in progress.

I love the colorful sails, but the white or light ones are beautiful, too. Some of these are catamarans, some are single hull boats. Some sliced through the water, heeling sharply while others moved a little slower, but gracefully. It was fun to watch.

On the way to the fishing spot, I spotted some birds working the water. We tracked them and found an area of water disturbed by the action of a whole lot of small bait fish. That was the first time this season that we spotted such an area. We fished it without luck, but had fun watching the fish darting and jumping to escape what ever it was that was chasing them from below. I forgot to get pictures. : )

We headed further south, fished for a while, catching lots of small perch. By that time, I was feeling the heat and we headed to an area close to shore that we knew had a sandy bottom. We jumped right in - even me (I usually inch in) - and had fun in the water, cooling off and relaxing as well as getting a little exercise swimming. We did a little more fishing, had our picnic meal, relaxed and drifted for a while, and tried more fishing. We spotted another of those areas where the bait fish were churning up the water and caught a whole lot of perch. I think I alone caught about 20 of them!

I had some fun taking pictures of cloud formations. At one point, I thought "Wow! those look like rolags!". What does that say about my mind?

I knitted, spun, ate, fished, took photos (I am so glad that I had the camera along yesterday. Many times I leave it behind), and just enjoyed the day.

Flower, garden and baby bird photos soon.

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