Friday, June 25, 2010

Noises and injuries

We have a problem. We have a cat. Actually, we have 2 cats. Both belong to eldest son and came to live with us when he did. DH and I are not cat people. We are dog people, but we’ve come to love these two small members of the household. The problem is the male cat. Isn’t it always the men who cause the problems? ; ) He comes and goes as he pleases, pretty much. Eldest son adopted him a few years ago and he’s always been used to being outdoors, though he spends a lot of time inside with us, too. Due to financial limitations, eldest son has never been able to have him neutered or vaccinated. Actually, I don’t think the cat has even been to the vet. Eldest son doctors his wounds (usually obtained in the course of expressing his superior maleness) himself. This time it didn’t work.

Stan came home the other night with a bleeding paw. We cleaned it and bandaged it and he screeched to get out the door immediately after, so out he went. The next day he came home with two very swollen paws, one so painful that he couldn’t put any weight on it, and with a fever. (Apparently a cat’s normal temperature is about 102 and his was 107 while at the vet) The next day he was no better and looked miserable. I decided that he had to be treated by the vet and got an appointment. Here is where the trouble begins.

Stan may or may not have been vaccinated. He has not been “boosted” for sure, due to $ problems. Since he had been in a fight (the wounds looked that way) and had no verifiable rabies vaccinations, he was reported to the health department and is now on a 6 month quarantine!!!! Can you imagine just how miserable we all are – this cat that spends a good part of his life outside in all kinds of weather is now locked in a cage is a room in the house and cannot go outside for 6 months! I understand the need for safety, but really! Six months? The likelihood of rabies is slim – even the health dept. guy admitted that, yet they over react so. It is very frustrating. Even more frustrating is that DH spent some time (a few hours, actually) a while ago trying to find low cost vaccines and neutering services. Not one of the places he called (including the humane society) mentioned vaccine clinics in the area, which they apparently have. We could have avoided this for $5 if only we had known. If I knew who DH spoke to that didn’t tell him about these clinics, I’d make them live with Stan for 6 months, listening to him screech. I may start drinking regularly. Maybe Stan will have a “nip” every night, too. LOL

I am living in stockinette land these days. Slinky Ribs knitting consists of stockinette in the round, the V neck cardigan is stockinette knitted back and forth. I finished the travel socks that were knitted from the sock blank!! and have started some Mata Hari socks (stockinette in the rounds except where you do a few yo, k2tog for a swirl around the leg.

The socks that I started the weekend we went out with our friends to Harve de Grace is also stockinette. I love the colors of this yarn. : ))

I have yet to pick up any lace and spinning times have been few and far between. It’s the time of year to spend time outside, and it’s certainly been too hot to knit or spin outside. I’ve also been trying to spend time with DH, actually doing things with him, not just being near him doing my own thing (though that has it’s benefits, too).

Here's the status of the spinning: Remaining Rambouillet fiber (out of 4 ounces)Spun Rambouillet fiber, waiting to be plied.

Wensleydale Perfect Storm on the spindle. Gotta get going on this one, but probably not tomorrow. It's supposed to be in the mid-ninety degrees again and we plan boating. That means no AC and that means no wool wrapped around my arm. ; ) It is pretty, though.

This weekend’s schedule includes gardening and yard work on Friday evening (ETA spent two hours weeding) and Sunday, with boating on Saturday (weather permitting). Laundry, some house cleaning and fibery pursuits will be fit in somewhere.

DH ate the first home grown green beans the other day. Not impressive, actually. They were kind of tough and stringy. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t remember having that problem in previous years. I see baby tomatoes on the vine and will probably pick a cuke this weekend. Lots of weeding required, though. It’s tough the first year of a new garden site – the grass that was there keeps trying to grow back. The actual weeds are not bad. I am going to try a layer of either weed cloth or newspapers with straw over it to see if we can keep the weeding minimized. First, though, I have to move the soaker hoses (again). We need a more even distribution of water. With our temperatures in the high 90’s to 100 degrees yesterday, we’ve been watering every day. Using the straw should help keep the water in, too.

Have a great weekend, all. Think of me with pity when you go to bed in your quiet house each night. : ((

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