Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vacation part 3

The last part of vacation was spent at home. We unpacked the car in bits and pieces as we felt well enough to carry some things inside. I think there are still a few items in the Expedition from vacation, and we've been home almost a week now. Friday I washed clothes, knitted and rested. Most of the wash was dried on the line, which I love to do. Saturday was also spent at home, doing essentially the same thing. Sunday was a beautiful day and we went out on the boat one last time before the RTTRW (return to the real world). The water was calm, the breeze just enough, the sun was shining and we had fun catching some fish. They all went back into the water - it was just fun to catch them. I knitted and used my drop spindle. We got home in time to watch most of the Raven's game, and the night game as well. I am a football fan - actually much more of a fan than DH.

Thought of work kept intruding - I was dreading what I had to do when I came back. I fought it off, though, determined to enjoy every minute of vacation. I really have a hard time with the return to work after being away, and it was a struggle to make myself go into work on Monday morning. The day passed, though, with no major crisis and fewer than 200 emails to respond to after 2 weeks away. Monday night football was enjoyed until the 3rd quarter, then I had to head into bed. I did do my daily spinning before the game, and I am very happy that I have resumed that practice.

I am not sure what it is about spinning that I like so much. It takes some concentration, but at a different level than knitting. I can listen to an audio book while spinning but I can't watch TV - I have to watch what I am spinning. I get in a zone when spinning that leaves me feeling more relaxed, somehow, than knitting does. I can't be called a product spinner at all - I don't produce enough yarn fast enough. I'd like to increase my productivity, and yet I don't want to stop knitting. Since I can't take more time from working or sleeping or doing housework, knitting time is the place spinning time comes from. This is my current project. someday this will be a shawl.

Things are winding down in the garden now. I still have beautiful things to look at in the yard, though. Here are a few examples.

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