Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vacation 2009 part two

We got out on the boat 4 days out of 7 and Bob got his big fish - a 41.5 inch striped bass.
I like catching the smaller fish - they fight and are fun, but not too much work to bring in. Even so, I felt so weak that I had to stop fishing and just rest for a while on several occasions.

We did some shopping, though I didn't go to the LYS in Montauk. That should tell you how sick I felt. I bought T-shirts or sweatshirts for family at home and for DH and myself. Mom was there for 2 days, (we even did some shopping together) and all of my brothers were also in the same place for at least some of the time we were there. We visited with them, but only for short periods, outside, so as to not share our germs with them.

We drove to the point, down on the beach and up at the observation areas and just watched the waves and the birds. There has been quite a bit of erosion lately from the storms (formerly hurricanes) that passed by. It was sad to see the beach shortened so much.

The 4-5 ft. drop that you see in the sand wasn't there last year.

The trip home was fine - no trouble with the trailer or traffic, thank goodness, since we both were still under the weather. It's about 400 miles each way, towing a boat on a trailer, and that can be rather stressful on some of the narrow roads in Queens and Brooklyn. Once on the highway it is not bad at all.

We arrived home on Thursday night. Since then I have been unpacking, washing clothes, resting, knitting and spinning.

A loooong time ago DH worked on the fishing fleet on Montauk. He started as a mate and by the time he left there had obtained his captain's license for a boat like this one - 100 ft./100 ton boat. They took people off shore for fishing trips - some overnight, but mostly day trips. This is not the one he worked on, but it's very similar. These are some of the views in the Montauk harbor. These are work boats - long line or commercial fishing boats at the dock. This is the ice house and unloading area for the work boats. This is our boat. It's a 20 foot with a small cabin. We can spend the night on it, and have, but it's very cramped for sleeping 2 people . We just use it for day trips, and we are comfortable in it. Here, DH is bringing it to the launch ramp to be hauled out to go home.

And just because it's pretty, I'll end with a beach rose

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