Saturday, September 26, 2009

Knitters Day Out

KDO is an event that takes place annually in PA. It is a very affordable way to take knitting classes, spend some time with fellow knitters and, of course, shop.

Short rows was my morning class I learned to do the Japanese short row method. I thought I knew it before but I was doing it wrong, and now I know how to do it correctly. ; ) The other methods covered were the yo (new to me) and wrap and turn (which I knew). I liked the Japanese method the best.

My afternoon class was with Merike Saarniit - bobbles, berries and buds. That was cool, and I liked her a lot. I learned a lot of practical things and some Estonian history. I would take another of her classes.

I bought 4 balls of mini mochi in the fall colorway for a scarf (probably) and a ball of Zauerball sock yarn . I don't think the link picture is a good representation of the color, which is deep and yummy purple with deep magenta or rose shades. I think my photo did pretty well in capturing the color. It has long color repeats and I think will look great as socks. I saw a few on Ravelry and liked them. I bought another clear notions bag and a small, foldable back pack. There were other things I was tempted by, but nothing I couldn't resist and that's good. (for the pocketbook and for actually using some of the stash I have been collecting) I had hoped to see some Mountain Colors River Twist there, but didn't find any.

It's raining here and likely to do so all night and all day tomorrow. I am not sure I mind. It's a good excuse to stay inside. I can see a day of football and knitting in my future. And extra Vitamin C so that I can feel better. I cannot shake all of this cold and sinus infection and after almost 2 weeks it is getting old.

Stay warm and dry, and enjoy your knitting.

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