Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday!

Now isn't that an original title?
But that's tops on my mind today. It is the end of the work week, I get to go out to dinner with Charlotte tonight - lots of girl and nurse talk, and I get to go out again tomorrow. Woohoo!

Last night was the needle Exchange at my LYS. We had a small but nice group of people. I saw blanket squares, a shawl, a blanket, a premie cap and a sock in progress. I worked away on the Maryland Terps socks. I was knitting in the letters last night. Each letter section is 5 rows deep and I completed 4 rows of them last night. (I also shopped, and got there late - that's why I wasn't all that productive.) I am knitting and purling this section back and forth so that I don't have to cut the yarn for the letters at the end of each row and begin again. I already have a million ends to weave in because I did not like the feel of the inner surface of the sock when I carried the yarn up the inside, so I have been breaking each color off as I finish a stripe. Boy, if only Rob could understand what a labor of love this is.

When I got home I climbed into bed with my audiobook and knitted about 6 rows on my shawl (Laminaria).

We have no special plans for Valentine's Day. We will be going to see Grease with our friends, but that was just a scheduling coincidence. We didn't plan this outing for this holiday. DH knows better than to skip the holiday but we don't make a huge deal of it, either. I suspect/hope that I will be getting some very delicious chocolates. Yum!


OK. Blogger froze at this point and some of my post went away. I didn't have time to argue, so I am picking up the story Monday morning.

We had a great time seeing Grease with Steve and Cheryl. The singing was awesome and the costumes and dancing were wonderful. I went out on Sunday and bought the soundtrack. ; )

I am on the ribbing of Rob's sock. The letters are finished, look good and I got the tension right because there is no puckering and the sock still fits him. Yippee! So I will knit several inches of ribbing, still changing colors, and finish off with a few rows of black. The toe and heel are black, too. Then it will be time to cast on for the 3rd sock (since I had knitted most of the 1st one before I frogged it).

I love my shawl. The star stitches are beautiful. I think I have about 16 rows to go in this section. The rows take much longer to complete at this point (almost 200 stitches) but I am still not minding the repetition.

I really should pick up my Honka scarf (the double knit scarf)and work on it, but the sock and the shawl have taken over my knitting life. I have to get back to work on DH's sweater, too. Not tonight, though. It's my late night at work and then walking, so there won't be much time for knitting tonight. Maybe a few rows on the shawl and that's it. Have a great day.

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