Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February knitting

This amaryllis plant was a gift from my uncle. Isn't it gorgeous!!?

(I started this post on Tuesday but it is now Wednesday and I am just getting around to finishing it. I have added a few updates.)

Well, I did indeed cast on for a project while I was in NY. I rarely worry about making something that others have/are making - I just worry about whether I like it or not. I feel a little funny, though, about the fact that I didn't even use a different color yarn. I am using the green merino lace yarn that was in the package that I won a few weeks ago. At least I will have a good idea of what the final product will look like. LOL. I am making Laminaria . I am still in the area where the rows are very short (I may change my mind when the rows get longer) but I am finding that the star stitches are not bothering me to knit, though they are a little fiddly and I have to pay attention. The look that they give the shawl is worth the little bit of trouble, though.

Over the weekend I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done. The MD Terps socks are both done to the ankle, though I have to rip back the first one to where I started the heel. I made the foot too long.  (ETA I ripped it all the way to the start. I didn't like the toe and knew that I would be unhappy if I left it). Tonight or tomorrow I plan to chart out the text for the leg section. The grey striped vest (knitted side to side) is about half way under the first arm. My mitten is almost at the decrease point. It's been too cold walking to the hospital from the parking garage for me to get much knitting done while walking. Brrrr. I need gloves on my hand for that walk. (ETA we had warm weather today and I did do some knitting while on the way to my car)

This was supposed to be a spinning week, rather than knitting. I forgot last night, but then again I only knitted 2 rows. So maybe it's not too late to stay with the spinning week. I don't know whether I can keep my hands off the new shawl all week. (ETA forget the spinning week. I'll try again next week. Actually, I think I would like to get back to my 10-20 minutes each day, so I will try that, starting this weekend.) 

We went to the beach over the weekend. Not to swim, obviously,  (we were in NY) but just to walk near the water, hear the waves crash and enjoy the sunshine. Some people were actually ankle deep in the water there. See, right here

they were digging for clams. The entire family was barefoot and the kids were actually wading. Brrrr. It wasn't that warm out. 

We saw this fowl swimming around - can anybody identify it for me? I think maybe it's a loon, but the picture on the web is not quite the same, so I am not convinced.

Mom and my brother are doing well. We all had a great dinner together on Friday night - good food and conversation. We had hoped to see ice boat races on the river near the place we went to for lunch on Saturday but the temperatures had melted the ice too much. bummer.

These are beach photos - just because I like them.

You have met my son's second cat - Stanley. Here is his first cat. Her name is Moneypenny, and we call her Penny for short. Isn't she adorable? She was enjoying some warm weather out on the deck. 

It's hump day and I am glad. Just two more work days and there's a great weekend in store. I am meeting my friend Charlotte for dinner and a great catch up session on Friday.  On Saturday Bob and I are taking Steve and Cheryl to see Grease at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore for their Christmas gift. Sunday I hope to spend at home, though. Knitting time. Ahhh.

Oh, yes, and walking. yippee

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