Thursday, February 05, 2009

I think I am getting a case of startitis

I hope it's not fatal - to my WIPs.

I really am happy to be working on my grey striped vest.

And the Maryland Terps socks.

And the double knit scarf.

And yet I printed this shawl pattern out the other night and started to dig into my stash for yarn to cast on with. I stopped short of casting on, but that's more because I was tired than anything else. : )

Then I purchased this pattern on line and I find myself edging closer and closer to the stash bins, wanting to swatch. This is especially dangerous because the yarn I have in mind to try for this sweater is alpaca. Alpaca is my absolute favorite fiber to play with. It is not necessarily the best fiber to knit a sweater with, but I am going to try this pattern and see how it goes.

I received my Knitpicks order today - some fixed circulars in the 2.25 and 2.5mm sizes for sock knitting (1 sock on 2 circs), extra Options needle tips in sizes I seem to use a lot and a book. I have been wanting to try out a Cat Bhordi sock architecture for a while. I was so close to free shipping on my order already ....

I put in an 11 hour day today - unexpectedly. I had already planned to be off at least half the day tomorrow. I worked on MLK day, so I have some holiday time to take. I had thought that I might work the morning and take off the afternoon so as to head to NY a little sooner, but after today, I am not going in to work at all tomorrow. I'll check email before we go and take care of anything urgent, but I can do that from home and I will.

I already mentioned that I will be taking the Terps sock and the vest to NY. I will also be taking yarn to swatch for the sweater and possibly (if I can narrow down the choices) some lace weight for the shawl. I will never be able to get that much knitting done over the weekend, but I will bring it anyway. After all, a knitter has to be prepared, right?

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